It’s Very Satisfying to Do Your Own Home Repair and Improvement

If you are like me you enjoy doing home repair and improvement projects. It’s very satisfying to, say, finally get that leaky faucet fixed or fix that closet door that never shut. You get to sit back, look at it, then look at it some more and say to yourself “I did that!”. As a home owner it seems like there is always something to fix, improve or install around the house. As a pro I see people everyday that want to know how I do stuff. It’s funny how the customer will sometimes stand behind me to see what I’m doing or linger in a conversation a little too long while I’m working. I still knew the process would be difficult to repeat because they can’t see the thoughts: “Watch out for this” and “Remember that”. Sometimes they come right out and ask me to tell them how to do a project on another part of the house. It was difficult for me to tell them since that is how I earned my living!

However I did get a certain satisfaction from showing my helpers, with some understandable anticipation, how to do certain things. College students wanting summer work, mostly. I actually had a “pseudo” training program for them and I know they took that knowledge with them for the rest of their lives. I can imagine them in later years answering the primordial call: “Honey, can you do something for me today?”

Its satisfying to me to be able to tell people how to do what I do. Install a new front door, make a new counter top or install a new wood floor. Imagine having free instructions on how to do just about any project around the house. It’s nice when you have someone directing and choreographing you on how to do certain projects that might otherwise seem undo-able. It makes your project that much more fun and satisfying!